Welcome to Southern Alabama Bigfoot Expedition & Research (SABER)

Greg Worthington and I (Chuck Creel) created this website to further  interviews, investigations, and research of Bigfoot Encounters in Alabama, Georgia, and surrounding areas.  It is our hope that there are people, like us out there that have goals similar to ours in the pursuit of the elusive creature we call Bigfoot. 

We are an integral part of Mr. Tom Biscardi and the Searching For Bigfoot Inc.(SFBI) Team. Tom is our mentor and we are one of the family of research team tentacles he has working with him throughout this great nation.

CHUCK CREEL  Phone:334-347-3855
Email: creelsouth@centurytel.net                              or    gregworthington@hotmail.com


Please contact us or tell us about your encounter experience, and we will contact you and make arrangements to meet with you.  You may remain anonymous if you wish and we will not publish your name without your written permission. 

We have been associated with several bigfoot organizations the past several years. We have investigated and made expeditions to various areas where people have had encounters with this creature.
We want to provide a vehicle that people can document the encounters they have had with bigfoot and also read about encounters others have experienced and provide a vehicle for sharing and investigating this creature. 

 Chuck Creel

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