This site is long overdue!

March 6, 2011
Thank you Chuck and Greg, for making it easy for people to share their unusual experiences in the Alabama areas.  There are many sightings and encounters in that area and most people are hesitant to report them.  It is great for you to set up a place where they can do that without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.  You guys rock!
Thanks again.....  JavaBob

Welcome To Southern Alabama Bigfoot Expedition & Research

March 3, 2011
This is Chuck Creel and Gregg Worthington.  Just wanted to welcome everyone to our website. We hope that the
tools we have provided here will make it easy for everyone to post their Encounters and general questions and information exchange. Our primary purpose is to Study and Research Bigfoot in Southern Alabama and surrounding areas. This is what we have been doing for several years, but with the advent of this website we hope to expand our capabilities a bit further.
So Welcome everyone and l...
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Southern Alabama Bigfoot Expedition & Research (SABER)

Chuck Creel I work for the Department of Defense as an Aircraft Firefighter. I have been an outdoors man all of my life. Bigfoot has been a legend I have followed since my childhood. My father had encounters when I was growing up. I have been fascinated the past few years in the pursuit of this elusive creature. I have been doing investigations and research the past few years and this website is a way for me to expand my goal.


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