SABER Encounter Report

Describe All Details Precisely


        Did you have a visual encounter with a creature?  Did you hear tree knocks, noises, growls or screams?    Did you find some other forms of evidence like footprints, handprints, hair, skin, blood or tree twists or nesting areas that would lead you to believe the presence of bigfoot in your area?  Then tell us about it in this report form.  This form will be emailed to my account and I will post it with your permission only.  Thank You For Sharing - Chuck Creel 

 Gregg and I would like you to fill out this Encounter Report Form as detailed as you can.  Ensure you include detailed information such as time of day, terrain (Swamp, Mountains, Marsh, wooded area etc..). Include weather information and if it was cold or hot.  These details are important factors in investigations. If you do not wish us to post your Encounter experience or wish to remain anonymous, just let us know and we will not publish your  name or story without your permission. Your contact information confidentiality is our prime concern.

   We thank you for sharing your experience with us and hope that we can be of assistance to you in an interview or investigation. We will take every precaution to ensure your privacy is upheld and you will not be subjected to harrassment through our organization. We will keep your contact information private.

Again Thank You For Sharing.

Chuck Creel

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